Welcome Fall! September 2023 Edition

     It's finally fall here in New England.  Our summer was hot and wet and we're glad to see it in the rear-view mirror!

     Since we had lots of free time over the summer thanks to the air conditioning in the shop being less than cooperative, we've given the shop a bit of a make-over!  There's more product on display and comfortable space for classes!  Join us for an upcoming class or get a kit and create at your leisure!

     We're expanding our needle felting product offerings.  There will be more colors available later this fall.  Needle felting is an inexpensive and fun way to create all sorts of things!  I'm just learning myself, but I've been having a grand time creating vintage style Christmas ornaments.  We have kits with great instructions from the Crafty Kit Company of Scotland if you'd like to try your hand at it.  We also have wool roving you can buy by the ounce if you want to make your own wooly creation.  


     Did you have a creative summer?  We were vendors at the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair in Cummington, Mass this past May.  It was a wonderful weekend of wool, fiber and all around wonderfully creative people!   We were set up in a barn right near the sheep pen and were serenaded all day!



     I was also asked to help just the entries in the Cummington Fair in August.  If you've never been to an agricultural fair, I urge you to check one out.  Traditionally, ag-fairs have an exhibit hall where folks enter everything from collections of apples, bales of hay, hand knitted sweaters to jars of jam.  I assisted judging the knit and crocheted items as well as the hand spun yarn.  It's amazing to see the work people do!  I used to enter a few things in the fair up in the Hilltown my Mom's family was from: crocheted items (think Irish Lace more than afghanis), baked goods, canned fruits and bottles of real brewed root beer.  I used to have a running "competition" for the blue ribbons in the crochet division with a lady; we'd really go all out to get that blue ribbon and $3 prize -- see who could out do who! 



     Come back and visit our blog from time to time!  We'll post news, classes and other fun stuff.  Questions? Send us a message and we'll do our best to answer it!

Stay Creative!






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